Estonia Testi Canzoni Variety

Curly Strings – ”Kuu”

The Moon translation by Matis Leima
First, I come rather shy,
A young hand is so uneasy.
When you see me,
I turn my eyes away,
And continue my usual way.
I go about the wide world, look around, days go by, one-two-three,
I hope I can get hold of you, I’m cold here alone.
I know you may have other plans,
We might not go well with each other,
Perhaps you’re worth someone brighter than me, Yet,
I know, I must try again.
Again, glowing, I step over the arc,
Time passes, a week or two, I seem to interest you less and less,
Why else do your eyes rarely meet mine.
Despite the traces on my face, I’m the brightest in the starry sky,
Once you find persistence, you’ll see me there.
All I’m looking for is a companion for this road,
Do you realize now, I could move
Mountains and seas for you?
Once we meet and you give me your hand,
Far away lies the edge of the world.


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