Lituania Testi Canzoni

Evolution Band – Squad

That night we became one
Do you remember what we felt?
The Sounds of the river,
The Senses of life
Now, just fire it up!

We young, free, wild as ever
Imagine it will last forever
Moments that build us together
Just safe the feeling inside

Just tell me who’s around of us?
They lie and think it is alright
Stop it now,
Try to fight.
Because we,
We burn inside!
We lit inside

The time has come to realize
Swear that we are of the same blood
Rest in peace our little squad
Everything was built on lies

Nobody can’t imagine
Nobody can’t expect
Sometimes we change our way
Even if it been okay
We argue who is right
We hit a hundred walls

But everything we hear
It’s opinion, not a fact.

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