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POWFU – online il video when the hospital was my home ft. Rxseboy tratto dall’EP some boring love stories pt. 5


da oggi è disponibile in digitale il nuovo EP

some boring love stories pt. 5

È uscito in digitale oggi, venerdì 20 novembre, “some boring love stories pt. 5” (Columbia Records/Sony Music), il nuovo EP di inediti del rapper e cantante lo-fi POWFU, a conclusione di un anno che gli ha letteralmente cambiato la vita.

L’EP contiene il brano “when the hospital was home” feat. Rxseboy, e la hit mondiale death bed (coffee for your head)” feat. beabadoobee, che ha raggiunto la Top 20 dell’airplay radiofonico e la certificazione DOPPIO PLATINO in Italia con più di 2 MILIARDI di stream totali.

when the hospital was home, come dichiara POWFU, è un brano fortemente ispirato al film romantico e drammatico “A un metro da te”

«Il film mi ha ispirato a scrivere una canzone dal punto di vista di qualcuno che vive in un ospedale. Quando ho suonato il pezzo a mio padre, ha iniziato a piangere quando ha sentito la frase del testo: “i dont wanna let go when we hug, one thing worse than dying is losing who you love”. A quel punto sapevo che si trattava di qualcosa di speciale».

link piattaforme stream https://smi.lnk.to/somebringlovestoriespt5

La nuova musica di Powfu arriva dopo l’enorme successo ottenuto con “death bed (coffee for your head)” feat. beabadoobee, che gli ha permesso di diventare uno uno dei pionieri della musica lo-fi mainstream e uno dei principali esponenti del genere. La canzone è diventata virale su TikTok, dove è stata utilizzata in più di 6 MILIONI di video.  

IG @pow.fu

Testo canzone when the hospital was my home di Powfu

Feel the wind blow, I can hear it in my left ear
Sounds like when you whisper to me but you’re not around here
Life is slow, sleeping 12 hours a day
Since I had my surgery it’s never been the same
I’m sick and it sucks and my friends barely visit
Every week that goes by end up feeling more distant
Cried so many times trying to chip away the fear
Praying when I’m sad thinking of our younger years
First night that you kissed me, cuddle watching Disney
Now I wait at night for a text that you miss me
Every second is a blessing when you’re standing at my side
We didn’t see this coming it’s ok to say goodbye

It’s ok to say goodbye
But I hate saying goodbyes
Would you stay here longer
Sorry I’m not stronger

Speaking to me with honesty
It’s harder than we thought it would be
Tell it to me straight, I don’t want no probablys
Tell me when you’re tired, cause I’m getting tired too
The rain is feeling heavy and the sky isn’t so blue
Pills for my breakfast, promising they’ll heal me
Hanging out with doctors and starring at the ceiling
My favorite days are Monday’s when you come and see me
Wish you would stay longer, but I know it’s not easy (yeah)
I was excited for that concert
Tell me all about it, did they sign your new converse?
I don’t wanna let go when we hug
One thing worse than dying is losing who you love

It’s ok to say goodbye
But I hate saying goodbyes
Would you stay here longer
Sorry I’m not stronger

Noticed all the pain you had to deal with
Was sick of all the doctors lying saying that you’d heal quick
It’s been a couple days since you left us in that hearse
Your girl just called me, said she’s pregnant and that would’ve been your first
So shocked when she told me, why didn’t she tell you?
She thought you’d leave the world to get your promises and fell through
You always talked about how you were ready for a son
Now you’ll be watching over him free of pain
Hope that one day he’ll look up and feel your love

When I get to heaven I’ma wait for you
Sorry for the things that I put you through
You had to watch me flat line
Wishing that we had time

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