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Tananai – The Making of ‘TANGO’ con il regista Olmo Parenti, Vevo Footnotes


The Making of


con il regista Olmo Parenti

Oggi è uscito il video per Vevo Footnotes sulla realizzazione del video di Tango del cantautore Tananai con il regista Olmo Parenti.

Il regista Parenti e Tananai svelano i retroscenza del video e il processo di realizzazione.

Tananai – The Making Of ‘TANGO’ | Vevo Footnotes:

Tananai: My song TANGO talks about a long-distance love story. In this specific case, the video is about the long-distance relationship between Olga and Maxim, a Ukrainian couple who has been separated since last year.

Tananai: The video couldn’t talk about anything other than their story. We needed to show their reality as it is.

Olmo Parenti: Yes, we have a friend called Lera, who’s been living in Italy for many years, but she’s originally from Ukraine. She told us the story of Olga and Maxim. When she told me about it, I decided to share it with Alberto, and then you continued writing about them. Therefore the video couldn’t be anything other than this.

Olmo Parenti: We simply made ourselves available. We asked them what they wanted to share with us and then we worked with what we had. No clips were recreated, they’re all original videos from their life.

Tananai: I like how we come together to tell stories.

Tananai: TANGO is the first song that doesn’t talk about my own experiences. Since this song is about someone else, I also don’t feature in the video, which is one of the reasons why I’m extremely proud of it.

Olmo Parenti: We decided to keep one side of the screen black for necessity. We weren’t working with much material, but only with the videos they sent us. Also, I like to think that the image can never be full since they have been separated. Since they’re apart, something feels wrong and jarring, even inside the split screen we created.

Olmo Parenti: This video fits into the documentary genre, which is my area of expertise apart from when I work on Alberto’s videos. It can be difficult for this type of content to reach millions of people, but it’s much easier with a Sanremo song.

Tananai: With this video, I didn’t want to convey any other message but their personal story. Hope is the non-intentional message that gets across from their personal story. It hurt me to see the smiles they were sending each other. In such a dark situation, no one would even think of smiling.

Tananai: Their wish to smile to support each other and hope to see another Monday together is my best memory of this whole video.

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